Reminder – Support Group Meeting Tonight

Please join us tonight, October 11th, 7:00pm at Hospice of Windsor, 6038 Empress Street, Windsor. We ask that you simply sign in when you enter the building (sign-in is in the entry way). We are back to a pre-pandemic format. Masks are optional and COVID screening forms are not a requirement at this time. If you wish, please bring snacks as we have done in the past. 

Our speaker will be Jackie McCreary, who will speak to us on “How to Effectively Communicate with Your Healthcare Provider”, focusing on your rights and responsibilities as a patient. Jackie will offer us tips and hints on navigating the health care system, advocating for yourself, feeling empowered and learning better communication skills.

Jackie was an Obstetrical nurse at Met Hospital and has authoured a book “Food for Life, and for Thought”. She also owned From the Heart Boutique, for 32 years, serviing hundreds of women going through chemotherapy and needing hair replacement. 

Other Notes and News of Interest:

Wrapping up the 2022 Prostate Cancer Support Canada Virtual Conference
The 2022 Prostate Cancer Virtual Conference was a success with participants from all across Canada, the States, and even Malaysia and Tunisia!

We were proud to host incredible speakers from across the country including Dr. Richard Wassersug (How to Find Trusted Information), Dr. Linda Carlson (Managing Difficult Emotions with Mindfulness), Dr. Juanita Crook and Dr. Neil Dwyer (Ask a Radiation Oncologist and Urologist), Reanne Booker (Maintaining Intimacy in Partnerships Affected by Prostate Cancer), Justin Lorentz (Prostate Cancer and Genetics), Nicole Baba (Your Most Asked Questions: Incontinence, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and More), Dr. Brian Goldman (The Power of Teamwork), and many more.
If you missed the second day of the Conference, you can find the recording on our YouTube channel by clicking here,
Using the ‘chapters’ on YouTube, you can easily skip between presentations to find the information that you’re most interested in.
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