A Couple of Reminders

Tomorrow Night, September 13th, 7pm Monthly Meeting at Legion Branch 594 (5030 Howard Ave., Oldcastle, ON):
Mental health is one of our major themes for this fall. Several Steering Committee (SC) members have taken the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Peer Facilitator Training, and Nancy Hannon, the Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) Cancer Program Social Worker, will be our presenter coming up in November. In keeping with this mental health theme, we are pleased to have Ed Kolar give a presentation on grief counselling for our September meeting, This should hopefully directly benefit anyone attending the meeting, but equally important, should equip us with some tools and techniques when providing Peer Support to the newly diagnosed and their loved ones.

Ed Kolar is a retired teacher and retired Pastor with decades of real world experience having helped hundreds dealing with grief. He is an exceptional speaker with a very dynamic style; his presentations are well received and always prove to be interesting, very relevant, and entertaining. On a side note, Ed is also a “Mad Scientist,” although not relevant to grief counselling, it speaks to his charismatic flair.

Please join us Tuesday, September 13th at 7:00pm

Also, please take advantage of the 2022 Prostate Cancer Canada Virtual Conference coming up this weekend. Details and Registration Link below.

A 2-day online conference and expo taking place on September 17th and 18th.

Join us for sessions with acclaimed Canadian healthcare providers, researchers, advocates, and professional facilitators including Dr. Brian Goldman, best-selling authour and CBC radio host of ‘White Coat, Black Art,’ Dr. Richard Wassersug, Dr. Linda Carlson, Dr. Juanita Crook, Dr. Neil Dwyer, and many more. 

The best part? It’s free and you can participate from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
 Save your spot for the 2022 Prostate Cancer Virtual Conference

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