Upcoming Presentation – November 30th and Other News of Interest

Worrying about your prostate cancer returning is normal; but letting that fear go unmanaged can negatively impact your life. Learn more about managing the fear of cancer recurrence with

Dr. Sophie Lebel 
Tuesday, November 30th @ 2 pm Eastern

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About Dr. Sophie Lebel:

Professor Sophie Lebel is a clinical psychologist with a focus on cancer survivorship and psychosocial interventions. She has contributed to the definition and measurement of fear of cancer recurrence and clinical recurrence, validated a blended model of fear of cancer recurrence, and co-developed a cognitive existential group intervention for survivors that has been tested through clinical trials.

She is the director of the Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Oncology Research Group and Laboratory, an initiative that brings together researchers, health care providers, community partners, and trainees with an interest in helping cancer patients and their loved ones in the Greater Ottawa region. Clinically, Dr. Lebel helps cancer patients and their caregivers with adjustment difficulties throughout the disease trajectory.

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Other News of Interest

Us TOO and ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer
As you probably know by now, Us TOO and ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer have merged to become one powerful organization serving the prostate cancer community under the ZERO banner. As a result of the merger with Us TOO and ZERO, we are streamlining communications and resources for the prostate cancer community. We will be winding down distribution of the News You Can Use email. Plans are to discontinue this email after December, at which time the news source will be replaced by a newsletter from ZERO. Please visit https://zerocancer.org to sign up and make sure you continue to receive this important information. As far as the News You Can Use articles we provide, you can find that prostate cancer news, which is always updated, at https://zerocancer.org/learn/prostate-cancer-news .

Us TOO has finished its 2021 webinar series, ” What is Right for Me in My Prostate Cancer Treatment?” If you missed any of the series, or would like to watch any of the episodes again, you can find them all posted at www.ustoo.org/ustoo-video . Topics include: Bone Health and Nutrition , Shared Decision Making , Biomarkers , Imaging , and Genetics and Genomics . Thanks to all the doctors, sponsors, and attendees for making this series a success.

Virtual Support Groups
Us TOO has virtual prostate cancer support groups that continue to meet regularly and host guest speakers. These meetings can be accessed by phone or by internet, and can be attended from any location. For a list of groups, please visit www.ustoo.org/virtual-ustoo-support-groups.


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