News and Upcoming Presentations – March/April 2022

Happy Spring!

Spring is a time for new growth as the earth awakens from its winter sleep, crocuses and snow drops are peeking up in the gardens.  It’s also a time for us to emerge from our winter hibernation.

Stay tuned for information about our April 12th Support Group Meeting!

In the meantime, we invite you to check out upcoming presentations from

Prostate Cancer Support Canada

Prostate Cancer: Why Exercise Matters
MARCH 29TH, 2022 | 2PM ET
Dr. Kristin Campbell of UBC and SIRvivor BC will be speaking on ‘Exercise: Why does this matter to men after a prostate cancer diagnosis.’ We will also hear from Vince Schiralli of Butts in a Boat who will speak on our new initiative, Butts in Motionwhich aims to improve the survival, and quality of life, of men diagnosed with prostate cancer through fitness, support, and camaraderie.

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Partners in Prostate – Partner-Only Support Group
MARCH 30TH, 2022 | 9PM ET
Prostate cancer is commonly referred to as a couple’s disease, due to its impact on not just prostate cancer patients, but their partners as well.

Join us at this partners-only meeting for a chance to share about your journey and learn from the experience of others going through this too.
First time attendees will be given priority to share. 

Can’t make it to a meeting?
Check out the Partners in Prostate website for 24/7 support and resources.

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Prostate Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease
MARCH 30TH, 2022 | 7PM ET
This presentation, hosted by Prostate Cancer Support Toronto, will describe how many men with prostate cancer will develop cardiovascular disease; the role of hormonal therapy in promoting cardiovascular disease and whether some forms of hormonal therapy are better than others. 
Dr. Darryl Leong, MBBS(Hons), MPH, M.BioStat, PhD, FRACP, FESC will present.

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*NEW!* Advanced Prostate Cancer
APRIL 13TH, 2022 | 7PM ET
After an incredible first meeting on March 9th, the advanced prostate cancer support group leaders are pleased to invite you to their next monthly meeting. 

This group aims to meet the unique needs of advanced prostate cancer patients through the sharing of information and support. Advanced prostate cancer patients can include anyone with cancer that has spread (metastatic)with a castrate-resistant cancer (no longer responds to first-line ADT)with a high-risk or complex diagnosisNew participants will be given priority to discuss their situation. Partners and support people welcome.
Read all about the advanced prostate cancer support group team here.

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Active Surveillance Nationwide
APRIL 14TH, 2022 | 7:30PM ET
Our nationwide Active Surveillance support group aims to bring together prostate cancer patients and advocates across Canada. This groups goal is to empower men newly diagnosed with low- or intermediate-risk prostate cancer to make informed decisions with their physicians on active surveillance as a treatment option. 

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*INTERNATIONAL* – Your Voice in the Future of Active Surveillance
APRIL 22ND, 2022 | 11:00AM ET
Do you want to see where active surveillance is heading? Do you have some views you want to share?

ASPI and AnCan have partnered with Prostate Cancer BC and other prostate cancer advocates and organizations to offer this international webinar on Active Surveillance.

Several top doctors and patients will be speaking including Canadian Active Surveillance pioneer, 
Dr. Laurence Klotz

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