Looking for Survey Participants

We’ve been contacted by McGill University and McMaster University to assist with a couple of studies that they have underway. If you fit the parameters, for either one or both, please help out. Contact details are below. Thanks!

From Fatima Yashmin at McGill University:

Self-employed Cancer Survivor Study
We are seeking to interview self-employed cancer survivors who are remaining or returning to work following cancer. Considering the dearth of knowledge on this topic, the intent is to gather as many experiences from self-employed cancer survivors to be able to derive strategies to assist in overcoming barriers encountered.

You can share the advertisement attached with your support group or anyone that you believe will take interest. 

Thank you again for this kind gesture. Fatima Yashmin

From Shipra Taneja at McMaster University:

I’m a Research Assistant at McMaster University (Urology). I am working with Dr. Anil Kapoor from McMaster University on a quantitative study about Canadian urological cancer patient’s perceptions on cannabis. There is a research study being done through the Urological Cancer Centre for Research and Innovation in Hamilton, Ontario. 

We were wondering if your prostate cancer support group would be able to help us in recruiting participants for this research study by sharing our survey link. It is a one-time, 15-minute survey through RedCAP for urological cancer patients (kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular) to fill out if they are currently using cannabis. We are also not collecting any personal identifiers.

They are looking for patients who are currently using cannabis to fill out a one-time 10-minute survey to understand their attitudes and beliefs surrounding cannabis for cancer. If you are interested in participating in the study, please visit: https://rsjh.ca/redcap/surveys/?s=8MX9K33T7H 

Your decision to participate in this study will not be known to us, and no personal identifiers will be collected.
Thank you for considering this request. Shipra Taneja


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