Can You Help Our Local Motorcycle Ride for Dad?

We are asking our members to lend a hand for a few hours on Sunday, May 28th to support this year’s local Motorcycle Ride For Dad, which raises funds in support of the local fight against Prostate Cancer.

Please let us know by responding to if you are willing to help out with some light duties on the day of the ride. Or, you can attend a volunteer information session this coming Saturday, May 20th at Noon at Thunder Road Harley Davidson, 2100 Ambassador Drive, Windsor. Let’s help them help us.

Here are a few details from ride organizers, Cori and Shane Miles:

Crunch time!! Ride Day is approaching and I am getting excited! 

We are hoping that anyone that is going to be doing the traffic/parking meet with us at Thunder Road Harley Davidson this Saturday May 20th at 12:00 noon so that  Shane can go over the lay out of the lot and what he is needing from you. We would love it if all of you can show up so we can go over any last minute questions that anyone may have. 

Signs are in and I will be delivering them this Friday to whoever signed up for them. If you are not home, no worries, I will leave them on your front porch or at your door. 

Saturday May 20th @ 12:00 – this time may change a little bit as we are waiting to hear back from CTV News to do our press release and we would love it if everyone was there. They should be confirming a time with us soon. Please wear any Ride for Dad shirts, hats, etc just incase 🙂

Saturday May 27th from 11am-4pm I am doing pre registration and if anyone would like to come and help out that would be much appreciated. Past Pre registrations have been slow days, so don’t expect much, but setting up tables, chairs, tents and souvenirs will be happening as well. You don’t have to come the entire time. 

Sunday May 28th RIDE DAY 6:30-10:30ish- all volunteers are asked to show up no later than 6:30am– we will always have last minute set up help needed, parking volunteers should be in place (we ALWAYS have early riders show up) and it’s a good time to grab a coffee and Timbit before the big rush happens. 

Please remember that it is CRAZY busy between 7am-10am ride day- be patient with the riders, and if there is anything, you can always find me at the camper trailer. Never hesitate to come to me to ask questions for any situation that may arise.

Anyone that is able to come to Wolfhead Distillery after we are done at Thunder Road, please do! I always need help. I also need volunteers to stay right after the riders leave to help take down tents, tables, chairs, and pack up. So if you can stay, thank you!! 

One more thing, please try to carpool- we are not allowing any vehicles into any parking lots. There will be a spot for you to park however you will have to walk to the site.

I can’t say this enough, I really appreciate each and everyone of you. Without your help, I couldn’t do this. Your volunteer work goes a long way into helping with prostate cancer research and awareness.

Well, Let’s get this show on the road! I hope to see everyone this Saturday 🙂


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